Friday, May 28, 2010

LsOL Make the (School) World Go Round

  I'm just back from the annual year-end lunch to thank all the volunteers (a.k.a. LsOL who rule the school). I have to marvel at this group. Skinny, smart and super fundraisers, able to stock the coffers like Sarah Palin on steroids.
  As a slide show chronicled a year's worth of good works, it was clearer than ever that a LOL's contributions go way beyond the lunch circuit. Without these women, and it is overwhelmingly women, so much would be missing in the life of the school and its students. A few work full-time, as I did until recently even as I squeezed in volunteer work, but the bulk of the heavy lifting is done by LsOL, who obviously are not living all that leisurely if they're spending hours on planning and executing auctions, book fairs, tennis days and more.
  PTAs at these Main Line schools (both private and public) are really small businesses that handle hundreds of thousands of dollars and make the difference between a great educational experience and an outstanding one for not only the students but the parents as well. They create logos, design T-shirts, dream-up centerpieces, put together marketing plans, drum-up advertising and then make sure the whole event goes off without a hitch. Pretty commendable, no?
  So here's to all those LsOL who pass up R&R to make their children's schooldays brighter. I only hope I can follow in your Jimmy Choos.

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