Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Life as a LOL Is Not All R&R

   Time is strange. I quit my job to have more of it for life. In two weeks, the days have filled to nearly overflowing. How did I ever have time to work the 9 to 5?
   I'm having my share of fun, what with lunches, shopping trips and exercise classes, LOL style. Did I mention I added pilates to the schedule?
  But living life cannot ALL be R&R. Not even for a LOL extraordinaire, which I am by no means yet. So ... on Monday, I attended my first Landscaping and Architectural Committee meeting for my homeowners association. Several years ago, the residents took over management of the community, firing the management company, which was more into raising the fees than getting anything done. It's a mostly retired or stay-at-home bunch, heavy on women at the committee level. In other words, lots of LsOL.
  So, I fit right in, save for a decade or so. It is amazing how much time can be spent discussing the finer points of mulching beds. Still, you have to give the group credit. Our monthly fees have stayed stable since the LsOL and Lords of Leisure took charge.
 Later this week, assuming the sun returns and the lawns get mowed, I am walking the community with a veteran committee lady to learn how to evaluate the lawn service and how to spot a violation. Watch out! I'm sure my knowledge of grass heights, window box styles and deck stains will be the envy of the block.

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