Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pants for Sweating and Yoga-istas

That was the cost of satisfying Spandex envy, sort of anyway. For days, I've been looking for just the right workout outfit. The choices are plenty, but the costs are ridiculous. Why should clothes meant for sweating cost as much as a decent blouse and pair of slacks? I wasn't about to pay $100 plus for Under Armour -- even if it is the LOL choice based on an informal survey at my gym. So I kept at the hunt. D-day, as in a decision, was today because yoga class was coming around and I needed a yoga mat. The gym loaners are just too stinky.
I began at Kohl's. Problem with Kohl's is selection. They had lots of deals, but apparently all Kohl shoppers are a size M because all that was left was the XL, 2XL, and the XS. After much scavenging, I found the last medium Fila fitness top that was 40 percent off. My only choice for pants was a Small. I squeezed into it, but my lack of model-long legs left a good six inches of fabric trailing behind me. Next stop Modells.
Yoga mat was secured. And Fila bottoms. I got two for about $15 each. Capri style, which works out as a bit too-short pants for me. I rushed home, changed into my new threads and raced to the gym, feeling very LOL. Of course, it didn't occur to me that yoga class might not be the place to strut Spandex. The elderly lady was in sweats and a T-shirt. And everyone else had their perfect yoga outfits -- loose Danskin Ts and cropped pants.
Back to the mall.

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