Saturday, May 15, 2010

Close Encounters of the LOL Type

  I had a classic LOL encounter yesterday. I was in the Acme mid-afternoon -- a very LOL time of day to be restocking the frig, by the way. I ran into another mom from school. Both of us had on our capris and spring tops -- dressed way too nicely to be grocery shopping. But that's the LOL way when no office beckons.
  We did discuss business -- of the PTA kind. I'm taking on publicity chair for next year. It should put my J-school skills to good use.


Kathy said...

OMG, the landscape committee and now publicity chair for the PTA. You're in the MLM zone. (That's Main Line Mommy). Just don't start wearing Lilly Pulitzer. No one will ever believe you were a reporter for 25 years.

Lady of Leisure said...

I know. I'm a Type A Lady of Leisure.
Actually, I do kind of dig that pink and green floral scheme that Lilly Pulitzer has going for it. Though who can afford it. MLMs I suppose. And I did say this was going to be a TRANSFORMATION!!! Although in Kentucky, my home state, pink and green and anything preppie is the standard attire for reporters.