Sunday, April 25, 2010

Rest of My Life

Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life.
After 24 years of working as a journalist for the venerable Philadelphia Inquirer, I volunteered for a layoff. Why would I give up a perfectly good job as a lifestyle writer? It was a chance, a risk, to try something different after doing much of the same type of story -- The Trend -- for too many years. In a do-more-with-less environment at a newspaper in the midst of bankruptcy, I looked ahead 10 years and didn't like what I saw. What was the value of spending my days writing about more men drinking tea, or boomers suffering aching bones, or the Gen Yers who don't want to work a 9 to 5? Don't get me wrong. Each of those stories had value to our reading public and the folks featured in the story. Just not for me as much any more. Been there, done that.
So I jumped ship. When colleagues asked what was next, I sheepishly had to reply, nothing in particular, nothing paying (besides freelancing, and there is a reason the word free is in there). It is an opportunity, a next chapter, early retirement. I think of it as a chance to do nothing and everything. Everything I never had any time to do before: gardening, volunteering, writing this blog.
It's the beginning of an adventure. I'm no longer a staff writer at the Philadelphia Inquirer. I'm a Lady of Leisure.
Tomorrow, I trade my business suit for a track suit.


Ash said...

Good for you.

John Young said...

My enthusiasm for your new venture is tempered only by my sadness that you won't be around to write about our new band of bone-aching boomer men drinking tea, wearing manly fedoras, and, er... fantasizing about the opportunities presented by passive income? While playing with virtual dolls?

Good luck to you!

Lady of Leisure said...

Hah! And earning nerd badges, perhaps? You're my swan song. A story about nerd badges has got to be a cool way to go out. Surely I can earn a badge for that!!

Lady of Leisure said...

I have to say my story on you and your philosophy was a motivator to live life and not be defined by my job. Our connection at just that moment must have been fate.

Ash said...

You seem like an incredibly intelligent woman--I'm so glad to see you taking life by the horns and moving things in your own direction.

Not sure if blogspot allows, but try looking into Discus--it's a comment system that will allow commentors to choose to "subscribe" to the follow up comments on a post, and therefore will be able to see if you've replied or someone else has, without having to return to the blog. :) Let me know if you need help!

Lady of Leisure said...

Thanks so much for your support. I could say the same about you!
Great idea! I added disqus. I think. We LsOL are not the most technically savvy. I'm open to any other tips.