Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day One

This Lady of Leisure stuff is tiring. Up at 6:30 a.m., get the kid off to school, see if anyone noticed the blog (thanks to Ash for commenting), do a load of laundry, off to the gym, lunch, read the Inquirer, blow dry my hair (that's an hour process) because a LOL has to look good, meet the school bus, cook dinner, organize donations to Purple Heart. Whew!
I show up for the Monday aerobics class in my usual weekend gym rat wear: an old, loose T-shirt, a black one that says Lexington across the front (a memento of my hometown in Kentucky), and my usual black, polyester pants (that I actually wore to work in the 90s). Immediately, it was clear I needed a workout wardrobe upgrade. The Monday ladies looked great, and I don't mean just the clothes. It was questionable why they really needed to be sweating at all. But I digress. The real standouts were the outfits -- sleek and color coordinated, down to the sneakers that picked up the ribbing color along the leg of the pants. Many wore make-up. I don't think I even brushed my hair. One woman wore a teal top with blank pants that had a line of teal running down the leg. Another chose shades of brown with orange highlights -- and that included the sneakers that combined those two colors perfectly. Very chic.
I'll have to satisfy my Spandex envy soon. But we all sweat the same, right?


Kathy Steinway said...

Can we please hear what the LOL cooks for dinner?
ps, try Mixed Chicks products for your hair.

Lady of Leisure said...

Dinner, dinner. That is the impossible question. But yes, I'll have to give details, I know. And it just may surprise you.