Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bad Hair Day

Conair 225 1875 Watt Comfort Touch Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Dryer, Black  LsOL do not like power outages. Not at all. How does one manage one's hair? A swift moving storm with 70 mph winds wiped out the electricity to 200,000 customers in the Philly suburbs on Thursday afternoon. We did not get power back until late Friday. Very unpleasant. So, the morning shower meant that I could not blow dry my hair and had to go au naturel -- not a pretty sight with my curly, frizzy locks. But at least I could go swimming without the arduous task of the one-hour post-blow dry.
   When the power came back, we still did not have the Internet or cable. That meant no blogging or alerting folks to Friendly Suggestions. That's a Website by Hal Janssen where "Friends can share Suggestions and Ideas on any topic." Hal, a former Inky-ite, picked up my post on my run-in with the Bossband over that bottle of wine. Check it out at
  Finally, here's a riddle: How do you get a teenager to talk to you?
  Answer: Cut the power/Internet/cable.
  Now that we're back to civilization, the Bossband is checking his email, surfing the Net and watching soccer/tennis; the resident teen is playing Call of Duty, and this LOL is off to a very important task -- blow drying her hair.


Priya said...

finally something i can comment on. Brazilian blowout is the answer to power outage issues!

Lady of Leisure said...

Hah! And at the price of about a month's worth of power!! That name, btw, sounds much kinkier than intended, no?

Priya said...

yep, feel awkward everytime i say/type the two words..they could have called something else..