Friday, August 6, 2010

Is It Monday Yet?

  "Enjoy the weekend!" says my aerobics instructor.
House of Doolittle 14 Month Academic Planner July 2010 to August 2011 8 x 11 Inches (HOD26302)  The farewell startled me. I had to think for a moment about what day of the week it was. Yes, it was Thursday, and the weekend was fast approaching. Now that I'm a LOL, the days of the week and weekend blur. No longer do I have the demarcation, as harshly drawn as the 38th Parallel, of work week and weekend. Hump Day means nothing more than yoga class. TGIF? Ho-hum.
   I do not hunger for the weekend and its restoration. Neither do I dread Mondays and the onslaught of work it used to bring. Sure I get more time with the family and Bossband on Saturday and Sunday. And that's always enjoyable. But it's also hectic in a way that the rest of the week is not.
   In the world of LsOL, there is a calmness to Monday through Friday that I rather enjoy and, dare I say, anticipate. It's the time to go to the gym, read the newspaper out on the deck, Kindle, write a little in peace and quiet, and shop, of course. It has its own rhythm and pace, especially during these mostly lazy summer days.
  So, yes, I will enjoy the weekend. But I'm looking forward to Monday.


Reethi said...

Thanks for the compliment, Lini! And I totally agree about the Monday calm - after a weekend that included 26 hours of driving, I was more than ready for a quiet week of work!

Priya said...

OK Lini, Now I really feel like I have to join the ranks of LOLs....My work week was not fun at all wished I could have transported back to the weekend...and I saw your comment on me and Reethi's dress! Not nice :) You and Raghav ...ganging up against me...He wants me to put attachments before I wear the dress :)

Lady of Leisure said...

Wait, I thought you looked excellent in the dress, at the length it is. That's part of what makes it look so great, very stylish!! You are now clothed for a life of leisure. When are you joining LOL land?

Priya said...

wish it was very soon..maybe when we make that move down south :) if it ever happens...for now I have to live vicariously reading the blog of a LOL ;)